Meet Patt

Patt Maney is a veteran, a father, a respected retired judge, and a longtime resident of Okaloosa County. After being commissioned in the United States Army Reserve in 1970, Patt served his country for over 36 years, retiring as a brigadier general in 2007.

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Service Above Self

A defining moment in Patt Maney’s military career came in 2005. While deployed to Afghanistan, an improvised explosive device detonated, throwing his vehicle into the air and causing significant injuries. Although Patt would survive this attack, he was wounded and would spend many months recovering. Through this experience, Patt understands the struggles faced by some of our veterans.

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Throughout his professional career, Patt has created a record of accomplishments in service to the community. Among his contributions are…

  • Working with the legislature
  • Serving our community
  • Fighting for veterans and their families
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